Nature is my lifelong friend, my best friend, and mentor. It has always been part of my life.

In my youth, it was the place we went out to play, the place where freedom was allowed, where exploring was permitted, and going on adventures was the whole reason to be there.

Nature has always felt like a physical connection to the Universal Soul/Spirit/God. I understood and felt that from early on. It was like breathing to me. I always thought everybody was like that.

Over the years, nature has supported and helped me to dig deeper into self-acceptance and self-worth. I have learned to follow my curiosity, encourage my innocence and vulnerability to guide me in my life. I have also gained and healed my relationship with myself.

How I did this was by spending time with Nature.

Going daily to listen, observe and receive from nature’s stillness and adaptable hope.

Everything I went through in my life – life events, courses I took, from energy to healing or business programs; everything was understood through nature. I knew intrinsically what this meant for me. How it related to my life, and where I needed to adapt and grow from this experience and knowledge. I knew this because nature was a physical example of what this looked like. I could accept that as a way for me to invite that into my life.

Coming from a background of abuse, I didn’t value myself, my voice and my thoughts. Nature is the one place where I felt welcomed with open arms. It has taught me to accept who I am, to face my fears one by one, and to make time my friend and ally.

Nature has also shown me how to experience life.

This is the place where I hear MYSELF and can BE who I AM because nature shows me what life and living is.

– Nicole

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