We all know the benefits of having healthy habits, yet why do we have such a hard time sticking with them? Creating healthy habits can quickly start feeling like an obligation, an added responsibility, and turn into something that is so heavy; we easily forget why we are doing this.

Turning to nature, to observe how she keeps going while having to overcome all kinds of obstacles, assisted me in finding 5 keys to creating a healthy change in my life, and sticking with it. I hope they will inspire you too.

  • Motivation:

Creating a healthy habit requires motivation, but how can we learn about motivation from nature?

Nature shows us that motivation comes from motives. In the spring, nature is waking up after a long period of inactivity. She will face all kinds of different situations while getting ready to grow again into her beautiful colours. She will surmount floods and severe weather changes. She will do what she needs to in order to survive, grow, transform and adapt to stay healthy and whole.

These are very much a part of our own motivations when we are creating a healthy habit. Taking the time to identify this helps us to understand WHY this healthy habit is so important to us.

  • Being Present:

When we have found out our motives for creating the change towards a healthy habit, we can learn about being present. Being present is what will allow us to shift and adapt to this new habit in our life. This step supports us in understanding HOW we can get through this.

Nature shows us that everything takes place here and now. There is no looking back or looking ahead. An example of putting energy in this moment is when nature has to absorb the water that is pushing the river out of its river bed. Nothing can grow until the water is absorbed and the river is back in its place. Nature’s efforts are all about facing today.

  • Perseverance:

Staying committed to our choice of creating a healthy habit will guide us in knowing WHAT to do to stay on the path during this new addition in our life.

Nature never gives up on her path of growth. She keeps going, through all the setbacks, the storms, the droughts. Meaning that, like nature, we will have setbacks and days where situations will try to divert us off of this healthy new habit. With perseverance, we will stay focused and aim our energy on our own journey and what we are doing for ourselves. This tenacity will act as encouragement through those ups and downs of creating a new habit.

  • Letting go of control/Surrender:

This is the stage of timing; WHEN to let go of the past life choices. Learning to trust oneself to know that this healthy habit will reinforce our own capacity to stay true to ourselves. Surrendering without knowing what will happen from this new choice we are incorporating in our life.

Nature’s perseverance comes from surrender. Those tiny steps that are invisible to our eyes, yet maintain the path of growth, survival, and creation. With time, these steps will develop into something still yet unknown. While nature is absorbing the overflow of the spring water, there is a lot taking place underneath the earth, in the roots of each plant. The buds start swelling up and each day reveals a new reality.

Accepting to let go of the outcome and staying committed to our choice. One moment at a time, and one day at a time; letting go of those days where there are no visible results.

  • Recognising your own value/Self-nourishment:

Creating and maintaining a healthy habit is something worth celebrating with our self. Recognising that we are worth this change in our life. Taking ownership of WHO we are, letting ourselves grow into this new habit while respecting our limits.

Being kind to our self for our efforts, our choices and our time spent in doing this. This is the best nourishment we can give our self. Our journey to creating and sticking to a healthy habit is a unique path. Each step taken towards it should be recognised as important.

Nature is an objective and neutral mentor. She is a living example that shows us how to BE. Taking care of herself is what she does. Nature’s value doesn’t come from her perfection, it comes from its dedication to its growth no matter what shows up. She nourishes each part of herself in order to get through any situation.

Taking the time to recognize our own worth is nourishment to our Soul.

I’ve found that when I see proof and examples in nature of what I’m going through in my life, I discover inspiration to keep going. I hope this perspective of creating and sticking to a healthy change through nature will inspire you to get past the difficulties and stay on the path to this journey for yourself.

– Nicole

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