Forgiveness Prayer for Women to Men:

Higher Power, whatever and all that You are, please help me and all my family and lineage to forgive all men, no matter what happened or what they did, for everything that happened throughout the whole lineage. We’re done, finished carrying this burden. Please help us to release it. Please and thank You.

For all abandonment, diminishment, dismissiveness, dishonoring of us by men, and any time we did this to any of them – please help us all to forgive and release one another and ourselves. Please and thank You.

Please help me to forgive and release all men, no matter what they did. Help us to forgive and release ourselves for anything we did that contributed to or resulted from these actions. Help us all to stand in our power, love and respect ourselves, know that we matter, know our true worth, and know that each of us embodies pure unadulterated love. Please help us always to remember this. Please and thank You. Please and thank You. Please and thank You.

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