How to Find Peace while Experiencing Growing Pains

During our life, the growth and change we experience as a result of personal development can require us to come out of our comfort zone. It is in this unknown, the unfamiliar, that we may experience apprehension, doubt, and fears. It is also here that we can live in awareness to see that what we experience can assist us in moving us toward what we desire to experience in life like peace, fulfillment, and happiness.

The challenge is trusting in the process and trusting the journey into the unknown. How do we find comfort in this fact? Our relationship with Self acts as our support. It is in this inner stillness we connect to our true essence, the light within which is part of the greater whole. This wellspring of Divine Source energy, the oneness of all that is, or however you define that which is greater than yourself, is where we can draw upon what is needed to guide us, comfort us, and fuel us through the journey.

Listen to the guided meditation below and learn how to foster trust and support of Self-exploration.

Dropping into Stillness for support,

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