Caring For Your Love Ones Remotely 

I am blessed to have my mother still with me as she approaches her 92nd birthday.  BUT she lives 12 hours away in another province and my ability to know how she is doing is not as easy as it once was when I could quickly drive to her place in 15 minutes to check on her.

I have always believed strongly that FAMILY COMES FIRST and then life keeps getting in the way and time passes.  My mother decided to move to my older sister’s home in Vancouver to save costs and it turned out to be a miracle as she passed out and fell and fractured her back – yet again – due to the thinning of her bones and she now enjoys 24/7 care from my sister.   

That doesn’t stop me from worrying about her health AND now my sister’s health as that is a lot to ask of her too – although she does it with pure love in her heart and feels blessed to get to take that final walk with mum.

So how do I watch over my mum (and sister)  too without phoning  all the time and asking how mum is and herself  (which she quickly says, oh, I’m fine, when she sounds exhausted over the phone and I know she is holding back).

Easy!  I went searching for help and discovered a health wearable device that allows me to monitor not just her heart rate and steps and sleep but her EKG, blood pressure, mood/emotion, fatigue, vitals and the list goes on all from my phone.   To  top it off it has a panic button that myself and 2 of my siblings know instantly if mum needs us and GPS to tell us where she is.   Or should a value fall outside the healthy range, we receive a warning right to our phone.

Not only can I monitor mum but every love one that wears the device and is connected to me.  My sister can no longer hide the truth from me and I know  when to jump on a plane and get over  and assist no matter what she is telling me over the phone.   

In the band they have placed  titanium plates made of 99.9% pure Germanium stones which assists to relieve muscle stiffness and  pain which I know they were both complaining of prior to wearing the device.

I now have peace of mind as I watch over my love ones and how they are feeling daily so I put one on myself too as being proactive with my health is vital so I stay healthy and ready to assist in any way I can.   

Check it out for yourself.   And I hope I’ve shared with her how you can enjoy peace of mind again too.

Joyously Dancing With Life!

Wendy Woodworth

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