Conquer Chronic Pain Retreat April 2 – 9

Next Conquer Chronic Pain & Stress Retreat: April 2-9 – Hawaii

“The first thing to remember is that none of us were born to suffer.” = Dr. Peter Przekop

What a powerful and sweet experience it is to gather with others who want to find their way out of suffering and live a thriving life. We had such an experience recently at the Conquer Chronic Pain & Stress Retreat in Kapaau, Hawaii in early February. We learned a whole suite of tools to help us clear adversity and live free from the burdens of guilt, shame, and the host of other issues that weigh humanity down. We enjoyed a rich and peaceful learning environment nurtured by the sacred healing grounds of King Kamehameha

Join the extraordinary Dr. Peter Przekop and Dr. Manuela Kogon for this innovative workshop, April 2 – 9th, offering a blend of modern science and ancient traditions to regain and enhance your ability to feel healthy and well through a natural healing process. This program is based on the principles of neuroplasticity, mind-body transformation, and natural healing. You will learn through targeted experiences, exercises, and activities, to transform your brain, mind, and body, in order to regain wellness and reduce and eliminate the use of medications.

This workshop is designed for those who suffer from:

~ Chronic Pain

~ Acute and Chronic Stress

~ Addiction

~ Chronic Illness

~ Fatigue

~ Sleep Disorders

~ Anxiety

~ Unhealthy Lifestyle

The only requirement for success in this program,

is a willingness to learn and change your approach to life. Please click the link below for more info – come live a thriving life beyond chronic pain.

Dr. Peter Przekop, D.O., PhD. was the first doctor, after over 40 years of going to doctors all over the world looking for health and healing, who looked at my health situation with wholeness in mind and heart. He looked beyond the specific diagnosis and prognosis that so many other doctors had given me. He stared straight into and saw who I truly was – that being that was waiting to emerge, waiting to experience healing power that was tucked inside of me waiting to fully blossom, but was trapped in the grip of chronic pain. He opened the door and then guided me into releasing the awesome and powerful potential to heal that lived inside of me. And he taught me how to live life free of pain and suffering.

In his new book, available in hard copy and kindle editions, “Conquer Chronic Pain: An Innovative Mind-Body Approach”, Dr. Przekop reveals what lies right at the edge of our current medical paradigm. As he states:

“I realized that chronic pain was often viewed as essentially untreatable, with only symptom relief possible at best. This model where only the symptoms were treated was causing many people with chronic pain to identify with the disease they had been diagnosed with and, to some extent, to describe and present themselves in terms of that disease. I became even more convinced that the proper treatment of pain, therefore, must involve helping the person remember any adverse event in his or her past, any inability to cope, and anything else that weakened their ability to properly process stress and emotions. If these underlying roots were not properly addressed and treated, I concluded, we would only be treating the symptoms instead of the possible cause of chronic pain. This is when I realized how complex the problem would be, but also that there may be a novel solution. What held people back from realizing their full potential could be negative events from their past, and these same negative events could be contributing to their development of chronic pain.” ~ Peter Przekop

Join Dr. Peter Przekop and Dr. Manuela Kogon for this week long intensive and learn to release the grip of chronic pain and unleash your innate healing power. #ConquerChronicPain #UnleashYourHealingPower #LivingBeyondChronicPain #PeterPrzekop #ManuelaKogon #kippinitreal

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