Have You Seen the Light?

Have You Seen the Light?

Posted on February 24, 2017 by Terri Lynn

Have you seen the Light? We all have heard of people who have come back from being dead for a short period. Many report seeing a light. Also, a common practice for hospice attendants is to tell the dying person to go into the light. What is this light source and why do we have to wait until death to join its force?

The truth is: We do not have to wait until death. The light source is living within our body. This source is in all living matter. When you consciously connect to this light source while you are still alive and surrender, you allow your soul to take over. When your soul takes over you will be amazed at how marvelous everything works out. All is possible when you take into consideration the spiritual realm. We limit ourselves to what we can see with our human mind. Look beyond the physical and know that you are unlimited in what you can achieve.

There are still challenges and a wide range of emotions but the journey becomes an upward spiral when you consciouly connect to the power within. The soul will raise you up to the highest version of yourself possible. I am on this heavenly journey and at times I get a glimpse of the heaven held within. A state of being that is pure joy. I keep going deeper within myself through meditation because I am determined to get to that highest version of me that I can be. The feelings are incredibly good the higher I take my happiness level. One day I will be able to maintain my peak level of happiness no matter what life throws my way.

In the meantime I deal with the daily stresses as best I can. My body gets the brunt with the long hours I put in at work but I do my best to counteract the physical drain. I meditate to stay connected to the light within. I go to a nutritionist to make sure my body gets the nutrients it needs. I do my best to eat healthy, I get a lengthy massage weekly, and I read and write positive information. Heaven awaits all who are willing to let go of the material and do what it takes to find the peace within. Are you ready for a life of peace and happiness? How much are willing to do to find your joy? All you have to do is ask yourself the question: What do I need to do? Your spirit will guide you.

Wishing everyone peace, love, happiness, and joy. May your journey take into the light and may rainbows shower your days. Live happy.

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