It started with the panties – Jan 2017

I recently had breakfast with a friend that I adore. As I was driving to meet her, I passed by that restaurant. The one where they know me because I go there so much; I love the food and it’s close to my office. But in that very moment that I passed by, I decided I would not be returning.

You see, about six months ago they started treating me differently. I don’t know what happened. I am a good tipper, don’t complain, etc. Yet, somehow, during my visits, I began to feel like I wasn’t welcome. I kept going back, trying to not make a big deal out of what I was feeling. It was as though I was content settling with the lack of hospitality. But as I drove by it that morning, I thought about a quote that I once read: “Learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” So I decided that I deserve better. I deserve to only sit at tables where there is love. For a moment I was sad (I will miss the food!), but it felt good to just say to myself “no more.” I deserve better.

It’s funny how things work. When I finally met up with my friend, she shared with me how she is making changes in her life. How she has made the decision to no longer settle. From releasing those men that could not honor her to replacing those old used pans that compromised how her food was cooked, accepting mediocre just isn’t going to cut it. She deserves happiness, beauty, success.

And as she told me all this, a big smile came across her face. “It all began with the panties, you know.” I then smiled just as big with her. I remembered a while back she shared with me that she wasn’t feeling attractive and I suggested that she needed to get new panties AND a matching bra…well, at least the same color. “It makes all the difference!” I explained. It doesn’t matter what outfit you are wearing, you will always feel sexy and special because you know what you have underneath. It completely changes your attitude!

So it started with the panties, but it evolved into my friend questioning why she was settling for a lot of ok or mediocre things in her life. I, of course, had to share my restaurant story and a few other examples of my own. And so it began…

Settling tells your subconscious that you are not worth it. What I am telling you is that you are. Stop those frustrating limiting beliefs! I know it isn’t easy when you can almost hear some of your loved ones saying to you: “Don’t cause trouble.” “Don’t be difficult.” “You aren’t special.” But please take this as a friendly reminder that this is just another B.S. story. Go get some new panties or boxer briefs! You ARE worth it and, in 2017, you are going to claim it!

Mantra: I am worth it and I honor me. 

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