You are enough! – Mar 2015

What happens when you find yourself not feeling like you’re not enough? The signs can be subtle – and it can be easy to blame on someone else.

For example, I tend to over-explain myself to my husband because of the guilt I feel for not bringing in more money, not cleaning more and for generally not being enough. GRRRR! I know that I am a hard worker and a busy person in general, so why does this same old story still plague me and so many of us?

The “not fill-in-the-blank enough” myth is such a waste of our thoughts, time and energy. Instead of getting mired down in it, I suggest that every time we go down the path of wanting over-explain ourselves, let’s put up the stop sign in our minds and say, “I am more than enough – thank goodness!” SAY it until you BELIEVE it!

Including a visual can help, giving more power than your words alone. You might see yourself smiling with light, angels, spirit guides, family, and friends behind you. Find what works for you – as long it’s something believable, yet powerful enough to help you turn your thoughts to something more productive.

Let’s start this new month of March, with the days getting longer and the subtle yet sure signs of spring starting to come up from the Earth, by practicing a new story for ourselves and repeating as our mantra:

Mantra: “I am enough! I am more than enough – thank goodness!”

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