What are you afraid of? – Feb 2015

Be honest. If having blind faith was the only option, what would you do? If you knew that you could not fail, how would you approach life? What would you change about yourself?

So, what’s stopping you? Is it fear?

We don’t have to give our power to fear. Most of the time, there is nothing real about it … it is only a negative thought in our heads that we have decided to believe. We have the power to choose differently.

Because of our personal life experiences (parents, society, circumstances of birth, teachers, friends, role models, etc.), we have conditioned our minds to believe that working hard is a necessary precursor to our success. Well, I challenge you to question all of that. Answer for yourself, “What in the hell is the definition of success?” Is it a lot of money in the bank? A college degree? What the Jones’ think?

If in your answer you find that being successful means being happy, what steps can you take – starting right now – to fulfill your happiness? Or even better, what THOUGHTS can you begin to think that will create this happiness and the success you desire?

Now, here’s your homework: I challenge you to take five baby steps this week toward realizing your happiness. Take conscious actions that reflect your choice to FEEL HAPPY. Start today. One thought at a time. One step at a time:

• BREATHE when you want to freak out

• If the fear is paralyzing, take back your power by going for a walk or push yourself into a run

• Talk to yourself as you would talk to someone that you consider successful

• Reflect on and embrace all that you are – and all that you’ve accomplished – and begin to FEEL your every success. Even the smallest wins count!

Remember, it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, it only matters that you do not stop…

Mantra: I am allowing faith to guide me.

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