Beginnings and Miracles

New beginnings and miracles await your readiness.

We need to be ready to accept new beginnings and miracles in our lives. To be ready, we need to first work through our own issues, blockages and pains. We need to understand all within us to see we are the one standing in our way. By holding onto to past issues, blockages and pains, we are keeping ourselves from new beginnings. We may receive what we perceive to be a new beginning, yet it may end abruptly or in a similar fashion to ones before it. It is important to ask if we have buried old feelings, ignored them or simply not even realized we are still letting them affect our current circumstances. Once we have determined our internal issues, we can feel them to release them to help us heal. Once released and healing, we simply need to continue thinking positively, while acting and speaking in a manner to support our desires, needs and wishes. In this fashion, we are letting the Universe (Source/Spirit/God/etc) know we are ready. Then we can ask for the Universe to deliver the miracles and new beginnings awaiting us.  They will appear in Divine timing, therefore, keep hope in your heart, along with trust, faith and belief in yourself and the Universe to co-create your beautiful new beginnings. We will repeat this cycle for transformation, awakening and wisdom as we continue on our journey.  Therefore, continue to release and heal as issues appear to help you be open & ready for the next miracle awaiting you.

I’d be honored to assist you in releasing and healing to “Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”

Namaste! ~ Heather 

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