What Can You Do When the Going Gets Tough?

Some days are easier than others so, “What can you do when the going gets tough?” Sadness, stress, depression, loneliness, anger and the list goes on. The many daily struggles that face us all and suck up our positive outlook and happiness. Once the negative takes us it is a bigger struggle to get back on the positive side.

The easiest way out is to change what it is you are focused on. Sounds easy but easier said than done…but it can be done with concentration and practice. Focus on what you want not on what it is that is wrong. I’ve been practicing this for years and the more you change focus the easier it becomes.

For me one of the most difficult challenges I face is to see one of my children hurting. I begin to feel bad for them and want to wave a magic wand and fix their problems, but life doesn’t work that way, and me feeling bad for them certainly changes nothing for them and only attracts negative things for me. I have learned to be compassionate, pray for them, hug them and then focus on something positive in my own life.

cookie 32One thing I have come to understand clearly is that we are magnets and what we feel is so important. If you are in debt and you focus on your debt and feel bad about it, you are attracting more debt. Instead work on a plan to pay down your debt but focus on what you want and imagine how good you will feel once your debt is gone. It seems like a lie at first but it isn’t. It is using your imagination for something positive.

What I know for sure is: “When you feel good, good things happen!” So, I suggest you do whatever you have to get into a state of feeling as good as you can no matter what is going on in your life. Again, easier said than done but focus is powerful. Focus is the key to the question, “What can you do when the going gets tough.”

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