Snow Day Blessings!

Growing up in the South, we didn’t experience many snow days. When I hear a storm is coming, I get super excited to witness its beauty and to also create space for Self Love. Here are a few tips for using a Snow day to your advantage and to relish in its beauty. Observe the day and Have Fun! Life is Meant to be Joyful. Practice creating Ease in Your day and Let the Magic of Life Unfold!

1. Be Still – grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and watch the world change before your eyes. Find your favorite spot and watch the snow fall, creating a blanket of wonder just for you.

2. Organize – clear the clutter in your office, letting go of excess paper, magazines and all the thing that weigh down your environment.

3. Laugh and Connect – Invite friends and neighbors over to watch a movie or play your favorite game. Build fun into every moment and create new memories.

4. Play – get out into nature, go for a hike, walk a local park, skip, dance, jump, and play in the wintery bliss.

5. Nap – when was the last time you gave yourself permission to take a siesta in the middle of the day? Grab your favorite blanket, person or stuffed animal, curl up, cuddle and let all your “duties” be suspended. Nothing is more empowering than a sweet nap to revive your spirit.

6. Meal Prep – There is no better way to say “I love you body” than preparing healthy meals for the upcoming days. Use this time to create delicious balanced meals that will serve your goals and save you money by avoiding eating on the run.

7. Move – Take a New class, find a Video on Youtube and challenge your body in a new way. Changing your routine will boost your muscle response and give your routine a healthy new Kick!

8. Learn – Pick up a book, article or journal that you’ve been meaning to read. Immerse yourself in a new language of knowledge and expand your wisdom. Learning is a life-long journey, invest in your mindset.

9. Count Your Blessings – Take the time to List 10 things you are Grateful for. I write a Gratitude list every morning and some days my list is more than a Page long. Appreciate all the gifts in your Life. Give thanks for all of the Abundance Surrounding You.

If You are Challenged with Loving Your Life and Creating Time for Yourself, Let me Guide you to an Organized Whole-istic way of Living. Sometimes a little Guidance is all you need to Appreciate all that you Are! Enjoy your Day!!

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