How To Create Sacred Space

Once in a while, most people like being alone either to relax and meditate or even be alone where we don’t want to be disturbed by other people. A sacred space is a place where you can get to be yourself, and you get to renew your inner spirit and self. This is very important as it keeps you away from the busyness of the day’s activities and you cannot have such a time if the environment is noisy or chaotic. Each one of us should have that sacred space where we can create a sanctuary in our lives. This space should be where no one else can access, i.e. it should be private. There are specific things that you should consider when creating your sacred space:

• Decide what you want to do with space, i.e. what does sacred means to you. You can use the space for yoga, meditation, or spiritual connection and this will determine the way that you will decorate the room.

• Choose an area or room to be your sacred space depending on the space available. The space doesn’t have to be big as it can be in a corner, on top of a shelf, entrance way or an enclosed space.

• Declutter the space- clear everything that you don’t need in the room as clutter can be overwhelming most of the time. When you declutter, you will remove the unwanted things from your space and make it new. If it is an open place, ensure that you or people don’t put unnecessary things on it and also ensure that it is always clean.

• Redecorate your space to your specifics and if it is rooms you can repaint with cool, calming colors which will make the space appear sacred. Put decor that is only relevant to what sacred means to you and it should make you feel good when you go there. The lighting also matters as it sets the mood. Choose a low lighting that will make you relax and also calming. Make the place comfortable by putting a comfortable chair or pillows that will help you relax and support your back.

• Place altars such as spiritual images, statues, incenses, artwork, paintings that will make you feel rejuvenated and this will depend on your purpose. You could also put flowers, plants for color and energy and also some have meanings such as yellow flowers symbolize health, purple symbolizes spirituality while green symbolize about nature.

• You can also choose to play some soothing music that will help you relax as you meditate even do yoga.

Ensure that you have a sacred place that you can access and find rest, hence feeling reborn and renewed each day. When you choose to have a sacred place makes sure you are committed and create time to visit this place each day for a few minutes. If you are traveling, you can carry any portable unbreakable altar and create that sacred place while on go.

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  1. Anaiis Salles

    What a wonderful reminder of how we use our personal space to support inner calm and overall wellness. Thanks!