A time for letting go

It’s everywhere this time of year…the letting go, the releasing, and the composting.

The trees let loose those tiny bits of color that provided so much for so many.

The gardens and orchards give up their last fruits.

That vibrant energy so useful throughout much of the year is prepping for rest and renewal.  Going within and stocking up.

What has run its course is heaped in piles to rot and become fuel for those who come later. 

Seeds are lovingly held as bits of a promise to come. 

Think of all the bits of color, the juicy fruits, and the used up bits.  How did they all serve you?

What shall you thank?  What shall you thank and not turn back to? 

What shall you grasp as the most tender promises of hope?

To take with you as you rest and renew and prep for the return of light.

Prep now to nourish those tender promises.  Do not forget what the potential could be as you rest. 

Do not forget the energy spent or the fruit already given. 

Promise yourself to remember.


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