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Zoe Hlatshwayo

Spiritual Director, Coach, Healer and Author

My name is Zoe Hlatshwayo, a Spiritual Director, Step-Up Coach, Healer and Author.  I Am a spiritual coach, which means I operate from a higher dimension of life. I connect with the divine wisdom of GOD/ SPIRIT as  my Source and guide. I help you STEP- UP to a higher dimension of your life where you are One with God and all things. In this Oneness, you will experience love in its fullness,with no judgment This dimension is infinite, limitless and eternal and there are no limits to what SPIRIT can do in you, through you and with you!

I come from a background of spiritual people. Living in the spirit became a way of life for me. I have a healthy communion with the Source who is my creator , the holy Spirit and angels assigned to me. This work is assigned to me to manifest myself on physical earth as physical by teaching spirituality, coaching you to greatness and helping you heal. In this processes, my guidance comes from the Spirit of God. Spirit speaks through channeling messages directly to you or offering guidance and messages. This gift of living in this infinite presence and speaking to heavenly beings is also available to you.

For my professional career, I has been in the field of people development and training, worked as a human resources specialist  for the corporate world. Throughout this time, I also continued to work with women, inspiring and motivating them to love and honor who they really are through seminars and workshops.  Since then, since then, I have seen God clarify my calling and purpose.  To help you REMEMBER who you really are so that you can serve God and humanity in the truth of who you are, your Higher Self/God Self. It is imperative for you to awaken and respond to this call, to find your place on this physical earth because when you do, earth will start to take shape and a new world will be created for us all. When you understand the fundamental principles that govern your life you will live…

Awards and Affiliations

I have authored a book 'Experiencing Myself Daily' a transformational devotional book which sets you on a journey of self discovery,self awareness and 'be'-coming.

For my podcasts please visit my show, The GreatNess Show on Itunes and Soundcloud. You can read my blogs on  this link click here

Zoe Hlatshwayo

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