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    LIVE TODAY! @moirahutchison & @andreawarren bring you: Intending & Blending

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    It’s important for us to determine our path, set our intentions, and make them known to the universe. Tarot is a wonderful tool that can be used for just that. Intentions give you purpose, can boost your efficacy, and provide a framework by which you can manifest your desires.

    Once you’ve determined a path, found your why, and created a vision, it is time to set goals. Essential oils can be a vital tool before and after we set our goals. They tap into the limbic part of our brain (our emotional center) to help guides us, by pushing us out of our comfort zone and ultimately aiding us in achieving our goals. When we connect specific scents to your intentions, we can also use them when the train goes off the track. They can bring us back to our why and keep us grounded in our intention. Essential oils allow us to amplify the intent of our thoughts, so that we may affirm our purpose.

    This unique program will give you support and access to two supportive modalities:

    1. aromatherapy and utilizing essential oils for creation and manifestation – and
    2. tapping into the wisdom of the Tarot for intention setting and motivational guidance.

    Enjoy the session!
    Team WU

    LIVE TODAY! @moirahutchison & @andreawarren bring you: Intending & Blending Message: Registe