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Theresa Walstra

Channeling my Spirit Guides to bring healing

Theresa channels her Spirit Guides to bring insights and new perspectives, thereby guiding people to a place of peace and healing that exists within each one.

Theresa has worked in various fields and has several qualifications, but now works exclusively with her Spirit Guides who help to teach individuals to explore their own spiritual gifts and to find a greater understanding of all aspects of life through talks and workshops.

Theresa was blessed to be born into a family who have many spiritual gifts and was guided by the advice and example of her maternal grandmother Maude Uren, and her maternal aunt, Marjorie Bray.  After being mentored by Marjorie Bray, Theresa began to channel her own Spirit Guides in 1997.

Awards and Affiliations

Theresa and her Guides have worked from various platforms in Spiritualist Sanctuaries around South Africa.

Theresa Walstra

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