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I have been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years. My journey began with biochemistry laboratory research, continued on as an exercise physiologist, and over the years led me to my current space as an international speaker, consultant, and natural chef.

I went from a strict modern science mindset to one that has invited in many modalities of eastern teachings. My shift in perspective happened when I ended up in the hospital with no clear medical diagnosis. This required me to look outside mainstream approaches to health in order to heal.

That’s when I was introduced to eastern teachings.

It started with acupuncture and continued on to other concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, breath work, and the chakras. It even stretched into medical intuition, past life regression, and different forms of spirituality. My own evolution continues as I welcome in the latest scientific understandings about life; mind-body physiology, epigenetics and the world of quantum physics.

As you can probably imagine, my entire life has transformed.

One of the major changes in my life was an overhaul of my diet. At that time I decided to return to school for my doctorate in holistic nutrition and also ventured into culinary school.

I never thought that this would take me so far “out of the kitchen” and to the depth of my soul. It’s like taking your yoga off the mat and into your life. It’s not about the food or the asanas but what you become from your experience with them.

Food. Everything about food; from food selection, preparation, behaviors, cravings and aversions, thoughts and belief systems, became my teacher.

Food is an incredible initiator of the healing process with the kitchen becoming a training space to practice living more expansively.

Food is an incredible teacher guiding us towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

That is when I founded my consulting and education company in holistic living. When something is so life changing, it needs to be shared.

With 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry and a unique pedigree of education that spans from degrees in Biochemistry, Exercise Physiology, Holistic Nutrition to completing a Chef Program, I have created a way to use our relationship with food as a pathway for personal growth; leading to sustainable, long term healing and change.

Let's face it, the current mainstream approach to food, weight loss, and the prevention of chronic disease is falling short. What is needed is a profound shift in how we see food and ourselves, one that includes all that we are from a holistic, not reductionist, view. My approach provides that view, offering a transformational experience through food that supports a person to be multi-dimensional; a biological DNA blueprint, an energetic being, and a spiritual soul, all at once.

Everything about the world we live in is shifting. We can see it in our struggles with humanity, the chronic illness epidemics to the growing interest in consciousness awareness. We are at the start of a paradigm shift and my passion is to be a part of that shift. With my blend of education and experience, I am able to bridge worldviews, speaks with a much needed honesty, and use of language that can reach mainstream thinkers.

This Holistic Journey through Food has the answers everyone is hungry for.

Through speaking engagements at international and national conferences, wellness centers, spa resorts and universities, along with online courses with built-in guidance to personalized holistic living consultations, my intention is to  invite all of us to the table; physical body, energetic being and soul.

Through these experiences, our relationship with food becomes a reflection of who we are and how we are living; delivering messages. Behind food cravings, aversions, eating behaviors to conditioned beliefs about food is who we are at our deepest core.

Through this holistic journey, using a blend of ancient wisdom all the way to the current understandings of quantum physics, you will create a personal map, going layers deep to a place of self-healing and discovery. You will find how every physical symptom, mental challenge, emotional state, and soul’s desire is all connected.

It is time for a transformative approach to diet and health.

It is time to look past the physical to the energetic and spiritual levels of who we are.

That is where true healing and evolution resides.

Begin today.

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Courses include: The Hidden Messages in Food: Exploring Food beyond the Calorie, Eating in Sync with the Seasons and Chakra Nutrition, The Holistic Approach to Balancing Hormones and The Holistic Approach to Weight Loss.

I look forward to when our paths cross.

Teri Mosey

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