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Teri Mosey

Explore the world of holistic living and become the best version of yourself

WHAT I DO: Through holistic living coaching, speaking engagements, online courses with built-in guidance, and content writing including The Hidden Messages in Food, I help others overcome health struggles and create their own personalized holistic lifestyle to support long-term change.

WHAT MAKES MY APPROACH UNIQUE: I share a holistic approach to living. Through a combination of ancient teachings to our most current understandings in mind-body physiology, neurobiology, and quantum physics, I address health and wellness in context to the whole being—body, mind, and soul. True healing is not found in counting calories, running away from carbs, or obsessively monitoring fit-bit activity. True healing requires an inclusive perspective where every physical symptom, mental challenge, emotional state, and soul’s desire is all connected. This holistic approach is about creating a space for self-healing and discovery. I use your relationship with food and everyday actions to guide you there.

WHO I WORK WITH: I work with individuals struggling with chronic health issues looking to shift their diet and incorporate new actions in their life. This includes hormone imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune illnesses, digestive dysfunction, anxiety, and depression. I also partner with organizations, universities, and retreat centers for speaking events (and curriculum design) to share this holistic approach with their attendees, students, and members.

Past affiliated organizations include: IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Fitness Innovations Thailand, Canadian Fitness Pro Events, JCC Manhattan, The Golden Door Spa Resort, Hofstra University, and Apple Inc.


“Teri encouraged an exciting, refreshing new approach to food that healed me on many different levels. She has an enduring, positive energy and envisioned my success before I even started. I'm forever grateful for how she's helped me change my life by inspiring me to change my nutrition.” -Tammy Meyer

"Teri is the complete package. If you're looking to make real, life-long changes and find the task daunting or don't know where to start, start with Teri.” –Rhonda Edreich

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Teri Mosey

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