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My name is Tat Jane and I am a Soul Teacher Practitioner, living in New York City.
Throughout my life's journey I was blessed to realize my soul's true calling and highest purpose, and potential which is to positively influence peoples' lives, and to assist, and uplift them so that they may experience the unconditional Love, Light, Compassion, Harmony, and One Heart, and Unity Consciousness in their own physical lives, and spiritual journeys.
On my spiritual journey and throughout the years I have been thought by few Spiritual teachers, and I have become a Spiritual Teacher and Healer myself. I will not mention the name of each, but they all have a special place in my heart, and I carry the certain message, and teaching from each one. 
The knowledge, techniques and practices I share in my training sessions are a Special Blessings that do the following:
- Remove Soul, Heart, Mind & Body blockages from ones life, an issue, and a condition.
-The Blessings raise the Frequency & Vibration of ones soul, heart, mind and body; when frequency becomes higher and finer everything changes in ones life.
-The method and techniques, blessings align Soul, Heart, Mind & Body as One Unit.
These 3 are the most potent Benefits of Soul Healing and Transformation method.

Some of the results you can count on when working, and training with me as a Soul Teacher Practitioner:
- Experience of greater Harmony and Flow within you, and with everyone around you.
- You’ll feel more confortable and more align within your soul, heart and body
- Experience awareness of your own highest purpose, and potential-- your special task for this lifetime.
- What’s the most important you’ll feel empowered to forge vigorously towards it’s manifestation.

I am very excited to share some of this life-changing knowledge, practical techniques, and experiences in my Teaching, and through Services I offer.

Please Contact me to experience 15 minutes Complimentary orientation Session with Blessings to see how best I can assist you:


Awards and Affiliations

Certified the Source Soul Light Hand Practitioner
Certified the Source Soul Song, and Soul Dance Practitioner
Certified Soul Teacher Practitioner

of University of Soul Healing and Enlightenment ~ Toronto, ON

Tat Jane Bego Vic

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