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Tashya Knight

Guiding others in creating their own personal wellness lifestyle.

My background is in education where I have spent many years as a teacher of young children. A few years ago I had the opportunity to join an organization that was creating a curriculum for students based on food, nutrition and healthy eating habits. This experience led me to my true passion and path of becoming a health and wellness educator.

I work as a nutrition educator for different organizations teaching different aspects of wellness to children in schools. I am also creating my own 13 week children's wellness education program for my grad school degree and hope to bring this program to reality when I graduate.

I am a graduate of the Integrative Nutrition health coaching program and have recently begun my own practice as a health and wellness coach. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, as it is more than just the food we eat that affects our health and happiness. I offer one on one coaching that guides clients to create healthy sustainable goals for themselves surrounding nutrition and fitness, well-being, career satisfaction, personal relationships and their own areas of personal growth and happiness. I also offer grocery store shopping trips, personal cooking lessons, pantry makeovers, meal plans created together and plenty of inspiration and support. I am currently developing workshops on how to make this wellness lifestyle shift work in our everyday hectic lives.
My mission is to guide others towards achieving all their goals, dreams and become happy fulfilled individuals who create a life they love. I am currently accepting new clients and happy to help others on their own wellness journey.

Tashya Knight

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