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Tarah Long is a Spiritual Life and Health Coach for Galactic Beings and ALL beings. Tarah assists those who are struggling with feeling like they don’t belong, whether here on Earth, in their family, in their job, or relationship. Tarah’s clients are often overwhelmed and confused about what to do next on their journey, and how to follow the whispers of their soul. The ancient energy she came in with, allows her to expand, open, and move her client’s energy, often very quickly. She uses the practice of love and surrender to assist them in owning their power and healing themselves, so they can fully embody their own ancient and powerful energy.

Tarah is the creator of the Heal Yourself Now Master Class and host of the Wide Awakened Healing Podcast. Her background includes acupuncture, Chinese herbology, nutrition, hypnosis, energy healing, and cell and organ regeneration. Find out more at

Tarah Long

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