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Tanya Tiger, LCSW

Sharing Hope, Inspiration, and New Experiences

"You are enough... really and truly... just as you are in this very moment. You are enough!"
~Tanya Tiger, LCSW

People closest to me call me a "Champion of the Underdog." I love nothing more than to see someone achieve a goal they thought was impossible. Inspiration and empowerment are my "mission."

In addition to my career as a Licensed Social Worker, I am also a free-lance writer and aspiring author bent on inspiring others.

What I Offer:

An authentic desire to help people make their life the life of their dreams:
I am driven by the aspiration to help people embrace their truth. I have a genuine interest in seeing people succeed and a deep desire to empower individuals to become their best selves.
My goal is not to change people into someone they are not. My goal is to help people discover (or rediscover) the awesome person they already are, figure out what they want their life to look like, and then help them create a plan of action to make it happen.

A holistic approach to meeting an individual's needs:
People are more than their job, their title, their family, their past, their socio-economic status, their name, etc. I see the whole person and, together, we look at the full picture, not just the issue that caused them to seek help. More often than not the initial problem or concern is just a symptom of some bigger underlying issue. As a team we work to uncover the root of the problem and give it some much needed attention and TLC.

A safe place to just be you:
I offer people the opportunity to let down their guard, open up, be their authentic selves, and let go of the “masks” they wear in their daily lives. I want you to just be you. If you’re not sure who that is yet, that’s ok, we’ll start there. There is no way to get to the real issues if you don’t get to the real you first.

 A Little History:

The idea for SHINE studios…

Awards and Affiliations

In addition to my own blog, I am a freelance writer featured with The Tattooed Buddha ( and The Urban Howl (

I am also an Ordained Interfaith Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love (ADL) (

Causes and Organizations

An organization close to my heart: The Children's Craniofacial Association (

Ending Hunger and Poverty through sustainable living and education (

Tanya Tiger, LCSW

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