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Tanisha Shanee

Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Author, Speaker

Tanisha Shanee is an extraordinary and unique individual – seeks to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Tanisha is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Celebrity Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She has a heart and desire to help individuals to identify their ability to overcome life’s challenges with healthy living. She stumbled upon her gift of helping others through a personal journey – she transitioned her life with healthy living. She tackled the biggest challenge in her life – losing the weight she has dealt with for her entire life.After constantly attempting to take the fast, quick route to losing weight, Tanisha realized she was in desperate need of a CHANGE; however, that change did not come in a calm manner. One night while watching TV, she decided to weigh herself. While she knew she was at least 300 pounds, Tanisha was not prepared for the reality on October 15, 2012. When she stepped on the scale, it did not read a number, but read “OL”. The scale could not register her weight. The maximum weight for her scale was 350 pounds – she was almost 400 pounds. Tanisha did not realize she had eaten herself into such an unhealthy stage.

Tanisha made a change that night, and changed for the best – her health. Immediately she cleaned her house of all the unhealthy foods, and went to the supermarket to stock up on chicken breast, vegetables, bags of salads, and fresh fruit. She did not have a plan or a clue as to how she was going to this it, but she knew it was necessary. Since she had failed at all the previous diets (Weight Watchers, eDiets, Slim Fast, various diet pills, etc.), she knew it was best to just analyze her lifestyle and find a way to have a better relationship with food.Within three months, Tanisha had lost the first 30 pounds. She had fully re-vamped her mindset about food. She refused to call it a diet, “This is a complete lifestyle change. I still have pizza, the occasional can of soda, or even a cookie, but now…

Tanisha Shanee

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