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    FREE Heart Activation Music EP – Epione

    In Greek Mythology, EPIONE was the goddess of the soothing of pain. She was the wife of the medicine-god Asklepios (Aslcepius) and the mother of the five Asklepiades (Asclepiades)–Hygeia (Good Health), Panakeia (Cure-All), Iaso (Healing), Aigle (Radiance), and Akeso (Curing).

    This track water & train sound was recorded in Toodyay, Western Australia on the Avon River with two rather large pieces of clear quartz.

    Added to the sound of the soothing water running through Clear Quartz are the energies of Selenite & more Clear Quartz.

    BrainWave Therapy uses the 2.5 Hz Delta waves for pain relief, relaxation, reducing anxiety, production of endorphins and may have a sedative effect. There have been reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia and sinusitis.

    Crystal Therapists have documented that the use of selenite can benefit from the use of Selenite for pain.