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Sheri Vie

Better You, Better Life, Better World, Better Planet For All

 Born in a community of color and  branded as a "non-white," in a colonized country  with 400 years of apartheid...where the privileged white ruled. South Africa!

You would think that in in this new decade of 2020, discrimination would be a thing of the past, especially in the countries purporting to lead the world, sadly the reality is that a group of humans driven by fear, fueled by inherited wealth, still cause suffering for the rest of humans.

What is our role, today, in this decade, if we want a better life, a better future, a better world...and a better planet?

Look within and look around....we are only as strong, happy and fulfilled as the most vulnerable in our societies.

If there is one person on this planet that is starving, homeless, violated, threatened, unsafe, bullied, without equal opportunity to optimize life, living in a shack or in the ghettos, then that is one too many.

Naturally our purpose becomes that of erasing the systemic inequalities that bred, nurtured and brought to fruition such wickedness.

My mission is to rid this world off poverty, inequalities, inequities, injustices and inspire societies toward sustainable development that realizes we are all ONE....all humans...our environment and indeed our home, Planet Earth.

Over decades of living solo in many countries...find me now in Africa...providing skills training and wholesome jobs for our most vulnerable to uplift lives and better the message me to join our projects.



Awards and Affiliations

Swiss Patent Diagnostic Tool for Developing Nations

Pioneered raw,  vegan gluten free natural superfoods in 2004

Bio compostable food free packaging in 2004

Low allergenic foods for children, olympians, doctors, patients, diabetics, obesity...

Fiction author of children's books

Non fiction author - self development and transformation books…

Causes and Organizations

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Vocational Centers in Africa



Sheri Vie

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