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Sheri Vie

A Modern Nomadic Yogi for Super Conscious Humanity

After escaping death at the hands at of soldier at age 16, a young Indian girl’s life took on new meaning while branded as a “non-white” in South Africa during the time of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment.

She began living a Yogic nomadic life on her own for +25 years in 6 countries and travelling to +50 countries.

Modern Yogi Dr. Vie has utilized a post-doctorate in medical implants (USA) decades of scientific work in super conscious living, and her revelations while living in Europe, Africa, Canada and Asia to stimulate inner peace to world peace.

“When we advance to super conscious humanity we will better the world.”

V is multilingual, loves nature and has trekked in the Himalayas, Europe, Africa, Canada and the USA.

A serial entrepreneur:

.Self help non-fiction author
.Children’s time travel author.
.Pioneered raw natural vegan low allergenic gluten free, soy free, nut free superfoods in 2005.
.First 100% bio-compostable food-free packaging  in 2005.
.Foods fueled Olympians, doctors, patients, children, seniors and celebrities.
.Professor at Super Conscious Humanity Academy
.Mentor and Personal Advisor.
.Regular guest on national radio shows in Canada, USA and South Africa.
.Global inspirational speaker: Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart & Stroke Associations, schools, senior care centers, hospitals, corporations and community gatherings.
.Hosts weekly free live streams for beyond mind power.


Revenues support her self-funded free Super Conscious Youth Program and humanitarian work globally.

Dr. V lives minimally while supporting humans on their journey to super consciousness.


Awards and Affiliations

Swiss Patent Diagnostic Tool for Developing Nations

Pioneered raw,  vegan gluten free natural superfoods in 2004

Bio compostable food free packaging in 2004

Low allergenic foods for children, olympians, doctors, patients, diabetics, obesity...

Fiction author of children's books

Non fiction author - self development and transformation books…

Causes and Organizations

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Program

Inner Peace To World Peace

Supporting Mother Nature


Sheri Vie

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