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Sharon Wilson

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Spiritual Business & Life Coach

Joyful Greetings!

I am the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at the Coaching From Spirit Institute.  For over 22 years, I have been blessed to help thousands of people to create and grow online and offline heart-centered businesses, using my proprietary inner and outer system to tap into Inner Guidance for results beyond logic. A core foundation of my Spirit-given system is to support people to learn how to have soulful, authentic conversations that sell!

I have founded and regularly lead a Transformational Online Adventure: How to Easily Attract your Soul Clients! I would LOVE to support you.. Come join us!  

I also am blessed with an amazing team that support me to have a successful podcast, The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur. I recently interviewed our esteemed leader of the Wellness Universe, Anna Peira and knew it was a Divine Connection that brought me here!  Her episode will be aired later in the summer. I would love to have you join our Podcast Support Community and get access to our Success Support Directory of Free gifts from top authors, teachers and thought leaders.

My Journey...
Just over two decades ago, I was a Corporate America worker bee, and I was miserable! I felt like I wasn't doing anything that made a difference. I had $100,000 in credit card debt, my marriage was on the rocks, and I needed an escape!. I asked the universe for a sign, and that very night, I had a powerful spiritual experience. Angels communicated with me at a heart level, and showed me what was possible if I stayed on earth. Eventually, this spiritual guidance led me to become a Spiritual Business Coach with just three months of reserves in the bank—and I have never looked back.

Within three months, using the system downloaded to me by Higher Guidance, I replaced my corporate income. I am grateful that following this inner guidance, I have thrived though economic downturns and what seemed like setbacks for over 22 years. Now, I am on a mission to guide and support other “Spirit-preneurs” to attract their soul-level clients and start and grow their dream businesses! If now is the time for you to explore having a Spiritual Business Mentor apply here for a complimentary business break through session:

Causes and Organizations

I volunteer and financially support my local food bank.
I also support in a myriad of ways many organizations that protect human rights...too many to list here!

I am holding the vision and do daily energy work to support us all living in a world where we ALL remember WE are ONE.

We live in peace, health and prosperity for all!

Certifications and Credentials

I am a certified Spiritual Counselor and Master Spiritual Business Mentor.

I am the co- author of "Intentional Change” and also "Mastering the Laws of Attraction" with best selling author and human potential expert, Jack Canfield.

I have worked in executive roles in both profit and non profit organizations in sales, management, marketing, human resources, organizational training and much more.

I have served as a mindset mentor and consultant for Fortune 500 companies to support empowerment and increasing employee productivity and sense of happiness with mindset training and an appreciative inquiry approach.

My passion is supporting people to empowerment in all aspects of their lives and work!

Sharon Wilson

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