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Robin Jay

Empowering Enlightened Seekers

Robin Jay is an award-winning filmmaker and author, speaker, and publisher. Robin just finished major production on her 3rd film, "Becoming the Keys" - starring Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz, Dannion & Kathryn Brinkley, and other thought leaders. Her most recent film, "The Secrets of the Keys", is currently in distribution with Beyond Words Publishing, the company that distributes "The Secret" and "What the Bleep?" - the two most successful films of this genre. Her films have won several awards - including Best Independent Film, Best Documentary, Best Concept, and Best Original Song.

Robin's award-winning book, The Art of the Business Lunch: Building Relationships Between 12 and 2  (Career Press) is available in 12 languages. She is also a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover's Soul.  She speaks on the keys to success, sales, networking, and building outstanding business relationships.

She has been featured internationally on MSNBC-TV, Newsweek Magazine, CNN, the BBC, The New York Times, The London Financial Times,, and other well-recognized media outlets.

In 2006, Robin founded the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. As president, she not only runs the bureau and coaches speakers to success, she also published The Power of the Platform, a series of anthologies that feature messages from today's top motivational speakers, including Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown.

Robin's films include The KEEPER of the KEYS - the first funny personal development movie, which stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff and The SECRETS of the KEYS, which features a fun, engaging fictional story along with cameos from some of the top names in Personal Development, including Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Gloria Loring, Dannion Brinkley, and John Assaraf. The film was released in July, 2016 with Beyond Words. She's currently in production on her 3rd film, "Becoming the Keys", starring Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz and Dannion Brinkley.

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Robin Jay

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