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Raeanna Comstock

Certified Spiritual Coach / Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

After living through a series of traumatic events, every aspect of life changed for me and I suddenly felt called down a very new, and different path.

I went from supporting executives in the busy corporate world of Silicon Valley, to an inspired journey as a Certified Spiritual Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am also a writer and advocate for women's health issues.

My purpose, my Soulful Cravings, are to empower women to stand in their very best light. My coaching programs are designed to lovingly support you through life's many changes, guided by your intuition, some wellness tips, and a whole lot of love.

My clients are women that are in a very transitional place in their lives. Some examples of areas we have worked through together are:

- learning to listen to your intuition
- weight loss and nutrition support
- healing from miscarriage or infertility struggles
- divorce or end of relationship
- feeling stuck in career
- moving forward after life changing event
- managing life with chronic illness

I am here to support you in working through this moment and onto a new path filled with purpose and hope!

~Love and Light~



About Raeanna:
Raeanna is a Certified Spiritual Coach, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the Founder of Soulful Cravings. She is also a writer with articles featured in The Wellness Universe, Thyroid Nation, Z Living Network and NY Spirit Magazine. In addition to PCOS and secondary infertility, she lives with thyroid autoimmune disease and is a thyroid cancer survivor. Through her experiences, she found a love for supporting and empowering other women. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and check out her website, Soulful Cravings.

Raeanna Comstock

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