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Owen Massey

I've been there & can help you through

 On my Facebook page is where I support you. If you are struggling with life in general, or in recovery, you can stop by my love filled space for encouragement and support.

We at Recovery4all are dedicated and passionate about lives moving forward once we have overcome and have claimed victory ...over any and all addictions, personal situations, our past and anything we encounter which has held us back and bound and chained us. We focus on the positive, encouragement, inspiring and motivation which recovery is about. We've lived day-to-day, now we can begin to look towards future goals and desires which are now more possible than ever now that we have a clean, renewed and restored mind, body and spirit.
Everything I have done and seen in my past is something I would not change nor do differently. Using my story of struggles and hardship through 15 years of active addiction to inspire, support and encourage those who are still struggling is what I set out to accomplish everyday God blesses me with. I've learned a lot throughout 3 years, now in recovery. If I reach and inspire one person, I have fulfilled the steps of recovery and carry the message that we can recover and live a life away from active addiction. It is my purpose and a driving motivation I am grateful and thankful for. It, not only helps others, it does so to myself in many ways. It reflects and reveals the strength, growth and progressing change in which I encounter on a daily basis. The journey is far from over and I have much to learn and accept all that this beautiful journey has and will continue to offer.
I am self funded and currently focused on my venture to help more people. If you would like to support me please go here.
Let's all be better people so we make a better world!
Peace to you & your family

Owen Massey

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