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Peace In The Pack is on a mission to help every dog in need and to create a peaceful and well balanced life for them so that they can find and keep a forever home.  I am a certified canine behavioral specialist and have been rescuing and rehabilitating canines for over two decades.  I work with any case from typical issues to growling, biting and aggressive behavior.  It is my job to be a voice for them and to create a unique and individualized plan for the family to follow to bring about positive change in ways that they can truly understand.  I feel honored and privileged to work in this field and I have a strong passion for the work.  I am overjoyed each and every time there is success!  Canines are my teachers and always will be as they taught me to work from their perspective with energy, posturing and intuition and it always works!  I am blessed and humbled by working with canines daily and  so inspired to do more for them every day!

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