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Monika Braun

Life is too magical to let ourselves be stuck in a bad dream.

I was always passionate about the subconscious mind and the spiritual dimension of life, but it was only due to the crisis in my personal life when I suddenly realized that most things that I had been taught, told and had believed in were just contradictory to how it actually is.

The so-called reality became a flexible, changing, and conditioned story of the mind for me. I understood that I can only see what I believe, and that everyone and everything around me is a mirror-image of my subconscious thoughts.

The question that followed this breakthrough in my perception entailed how to change the beliefs, thoughts, and convictions of the mind that creates a reality that I don’t want to experience and further to change my attitude toward the reality that I experience.

I discovered many ways, attended several courses, and experienced various types of healing. I’ve learned how to re-align with the Self and connect to the higher aspects of myself; how to leave my ego-driven worries and fears behind, how to embark on the self-realization process and bring the essence of Self (my blueprint, my soul potential) into my life. On this extraordinary journey I discovered my vocation and put all I’ve learned into practice.

Since 2011 I work as a therapist using methods such as psychokinesiology, tachyon, family constellations and healing with hands.

Monika Braun

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