Awards and Affiliations


President and CEO
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Convention Coordinator
Speaker at Institute For Global Transformation™ programs, classes and conventions
Class instructor
Director of the Philosophy Department for Institute For Global Transformation™
·       Nature of the Soul Teacher
·       Rayid Master
·       New Decision Therapy Councilor

Causes and Organizations

The Potential for a Profound New Paradigm

Awakening consciousness is the basis for all the change we seek to make in the world and the Change-Makers offer the possibility of creating a new paradigm out of which profoundly new solutions can arise, solutions that can’t be envisioned from the current paradigm in which we’re living. This new paradigm will open the door to the possibility of a quantum leap in humanity’s ability to access a higher consciousness that will create a new all-encompassing paradigm – a paradigm that generates a wiser, more collaborative spirit and an understanding of the connectedness of all things.

A Powerful New Network for the CHANGE-MAKERS™

We connect and engages those who want to share their transformational ideas, interests and passions for humanity and the planet and help change the world. The network is designed to:

  1. build awareness among the Change Makers that they are part of a group millions strong who see the world differently and who share similar aspirations for humanity and the planet;
  2. nurture an understanding of the wisdom of shared higher consciousness, focused intention, and strategic thinking to help make the world a better place for all;
  3. provide an arena for Transformational Conversations, programs, activities, webinars, and networking designed to support the Change Makers in creating paradigm-shift solutions to social, environmental and economic issues facing humanity and the planet.


Maryann Miller

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