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Marilyn O'Malley

Highly Sensitive's are SuperHeroes with SuperPowers that our world needs NOW!

Hi I'm Marilyn O’Malley and I'm a big-hearted intuitive, artist, pioneer, author, Millennials and Money Cafe podcast host, spiritual healer, certified life coach trained at The Coaches Training Institute and certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach trained with Margaret Lynch +++++ working with ambitious sensitive and creative women who want to Love, Live and Matter.

I have over 7000 hours of coaching clients, ages 18-60 years old, and have over 35 years experience as a healer/energy worker and life guide.

For 16 years, I've been coaching sensitive and creative entrepreneurs all over the world in personal and professional development, empowering them to achieve the success they desire in their business and life. Her clients desire to live on purpose, serving humanity and the planet while maintaining a fulfilling and harmonious personal life. Marilyn works practically and energetically with many tools teaching entrepreneurs how to build their dream, confidence, relationships, trust, focus, leadership skills, charisma, structures, and love.

My Expertise:

Teaching Highly Sensitive & Creative People how to thrive
Guiding Millennials in Personal and Professional Development
Relationships: love, work, healthy boundaries, family, communication
Self-worth, Confidence, and Perfectionism
Transforming limiting beliefs and manifestation
Growing Self love for confidence, self-esteem, charisma, leadership
Life/Work balance and fulfillment
Stopping needless suffering
Developing Intuition and using life energy tools

A short story about myself: I was very shy and sensitive growing up. I thought there was something wrong with me because I was different than my family and friends. I had psychic experiences, and my sensitivities had me feeling everything deeply, which was overwhelming.  My self-esteem suffered needlessly for many years because I couldn't get my emotional needs met and I didn't know how to mother myself.

I grew up, as the oldest, in a dysfunctional divorced family, which lead me to become a "good girl", perfectionist and a people pleaser. I believed my value, security and safety were connected to taking care of others (my family and friends) so they were happy. I believed if I took "good" care of others I'd feel safe and supported. I never felt good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, lovable...etc.…

Awards and Affiliations


Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coaching program with Margaret Lynch
30+ years Entrepreneur
Certified Life Coach, CTI, The Coaches Training Institute
Enwaken Intuitive Energy Coaching & leadership
Quantum Journey with Ellie Drake
Energy medicine with Donna Eden
Energy work with a variety of leading healers
Dr. Joe Dispenza's healing training…

Causes and Organizations

Board Member of Tribal Trust Foundation

I mentor entrepreneurs and business people at Santa Barbara Impact Hub

Empowering Highly Sensitive People

Women's issues

Marilyn O'Malley

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