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Marie Aldrich

Crystal Artist & Crystal Psychic Readings

Who AM I?

I am a fine artist. I am inspired by nature,  design and energy work. I have been utilizing these themes as the common denominator in my art. The art flows out of me and onto the canvas, it is a co-creative process with the Universe. My acrylics on canvas contain crystals so each piece of art is functional energy art. Every painting is unique and emits different vibes depending on the crystals used. I offer custom paintings for people who would like to choose their own colors and crystals.

I am a graduate of the Philadelphia Institute of Art where I studied fine art as well as graphic design.

My art has been shown and sold at galleries in NJ, NY and CA. My background in color theory helped me obtain jobs as a seasonal designer for the Trump Tower and Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Art Shows Include:

 - Small World Gallery - Princeton, NJ

 - World Fine Art, Chelsea NYC

 - Heaven to Earth Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

 - Commissioned pieces for private clients





Marie Aldrich

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