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Lisa Meisels

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Get Noticed & Hired by Your Soul Clients with Customized Attraction Marketing!

Hi, I’m Lisa Meisels, Marketing Alignment Consultant helping you create positioning that profits through intuition, brand development, business development, energy healing and marketing that gets you visible online and attracts the right clients.

I work with women coaches, creatives and alternative practitioners who feel called to impact the world with their cutting edge, transformational services but struggle with feeling aligned and fully expressed, managing the different roles in their business and still having quality time for the things they love and all this prevents them from attracting their soul clients and creating the income they want.

I help my clients step into who they're here to be- raising their vibration, so they become a magnet to their soul clients.  We use customized client attraction and online visibility strategies so they not only ascend to their next level financial success but as leaders of the New Earth, they begin to understand their critical contribution to the ripple effect that will help evolve humanity.

If you’re looking to get out of the overwhelm of traditional marketing, I’m here to offer you a new way. Let me help you connect with your true gifts, so you shine your light even brighter and attract those who are looking for your services.

Through brand development and vibrational awareness, I help you move into alignment and attract clients easily and effortlessly to manifest prosperity.  I talk about the practical steps in my book here "Claim Your Brilliance, 50 Keys to Fearless Confidence, Visibility & Success here.

You know your value and you know how much you can help people. I can’t wait to equip you with some of my top client attracting strategies to have everyone around you FINALLY notice your gifts! (and see your business rise to the level of financial success it should have been at).

Go here to get my FREE Class:  5 Best Strategies for Attracting Your Soul Clients Naturally...without hunting them down here.

What I Offer:

One on One Programs:
Discover Your Authentic Brand
Brand Your Full Expression
Step into Your Divine Genius

Step Into the Next Level You at the High-Vibe Retreat 2019, Yosemite!

Connect with Confidence on Social Media
Create Content that Connects
Magical Marketing Attraction
Claim Your Success

Why I Do This Sacred Work:
I struggled for years to gain traction in my online business.  I didn’t know how to bring all my talents, skills and divine gifts together into a message or service.  I didn’t understand how to articulate my value.  I couldn’t figure out who my ideal client was or where to find them.  As a result, I spent years in front of the wrong audience, trying to make the “guru” formulas work in my marketing leaving me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because their marketing didn’t work for my audience.

The more I shared from my heart, the more I showed up in my truth, and the more I let go of busy work, the more clients I attracted.  I gained massive traction in my business once I started getting comfortable being seen and bringing in my own divine gifts.  I knew then, I had to share this with others.
Are you ready to find your soul clients?  Schedule a call here.

I believe we are here on earth to find joy through our service to others.  I love being a conduit of magic and miracles and a catalyst for joy, fulfillment and prosperity.  My clients get amazing results as they incorporate more of who they’re here to be.  You can check out my client Success Stories here.

Are you ready to infuse your soul signature into your marketing to gain visibility so you can share your message, transform lives and impact the world?  Let's talk!

Awards and Affiliations

International Best-Selling Author

Wellness Universe Visibility & Impact Ambassador

Social Media Coordinator for Polka Dot Powerhouse Fresno Chapter

Causes and Organizations

Women's Speaker Association, Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce, Polkadot Powerhouse- Fresno Chapter

Lisa Meisels

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