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Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a Clarity & Alignment Catalyst for Visibility and Impact and an internationally recognized leader in the world of business, marketing and manifesting. I guide successful, heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, visionaries and world-changers to elevate their impact, visibility, and vibration while manifesting prosperity and abundance into their business and life.


I use unique methods that help my clients gain clarity and get through the often-difficult process of finding and expressing their unique voice. As they shift into soul alignment and claim their brilliance, they naturally attract clients and prosper without the hype or hustle so they can truly enjoy life.


I have partnered with Donna Burgher, Manifesting and Mindset Guide and Conscious Business Coach. We are the founders of  Impact and, The CHARISMA Method™, The Conscious Community Circle™ and hosts of The Impact and Prosperity Show™

There are so many conscious entrepreneurs who get caught in the 'guru' marketing maze while desperately trying to create a successful business. Unfortunately, when their energy is out of alignment, even with strategies in place, they spiral into lack, questioning their value and purpose. Their scattered efforts put them into overwhelm keeping them frustrated and stuck in their business, feeling unfulfilled with the minimal impact and income they're actually making.

Donna and I have merged our 60 years of experience in business, life, energy work, manifesting and the healing arts, to offer our unique, CHARISMA Method, which helps our clients get out of the 'guru' marketing maze so they can gain clarity on their brand, energetically align to their soul purpose, amplify their vibration and visibility to naturally attract their dream clients and accelerate their manifesting success while joyfully and easily creating the impact they were born to make.

Together we create and hold an energetic space of Love and Light as our clients step into higher consciousness so they can create and manifest a business and life they love.

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We invite you to join the Conscious Community Circle

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur? Are you seeking to connect, collaborate, and network with other heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs? Look no further, we’ve got your back!

Our Conscious Community Circle is a LIVE, virtual, global, networking group to support conscious business owners. By connecting with other like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs you could build real relationships, collaborations, affiliate partners and so much more. You just don't know who you will meet and who they know. Think, "ripple effect."

So, if you're tired of running to networking meetings only to find out that no one gets you, you can join the Conscious Community Circle where you can get maximum results with minimal time commitment!

Are you ready to gain momentum in your business by building relationships, visibility and sharing your message with YOUR tribe?

If this resonates with you, we’d LOVE to have you!

Click Here to learn more and Register to Join!

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Join our Facebook page IMPACT & Prosperity - Donna & I go LIVE Tues. & Thurs. on Donna & Lisa Chat

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Download our Free Report: 5 Benefits to Grow Your Business, Impact & Visibility Through Community

It is our mission to increase the level of joy, fulfillment and abundance in the world raising the vibration of the planet.

Through clarity, brand development, energy healing, and vibrational awareness, we help you move into alignment and attract clients easily and effortlessly so you can manifest prosperity.

I am also the Founder of, a WU Featured Expert, WU Ambassador and on the WU Leadership Council.  I'm an International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Workshop & Retreat Leader, Business and Branding Consultant, Certified LOA practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Energy worker, and self-taught Metaphysician.

I talk about practical steps to get visible in my book "Claim Your Brilliance, 50 Keys to Fearless Confidence, Visibility & Success here.

Go here to get my FREE Class:  5 Activation Codes to Naturally Attract Clients... without the hustle or hype


The Conscious Community Circle Membership:

A new way of networking virtually with a tribe who gets you!

Private Intuitive Intensives:
Meet Your Dream Client Intensive

Unveil Your Brilliance Intensive

One On One Programs:

Awaken Your Brilliance- 3 month program

Shine Your Brilliance Immersion- 6 month program

Group Programs:

Amplify Your Brilliance


Retreat 2021- TBA

Speaking and Workshops:
3 Mistakes Stopping You from Attracting Dream Clients

Stand Out Online: 5 Steps to Boost Your Visibility Online

How to Increase Your Results Without Running Yourself Ragged

Why I Do This Sacred Work:
I struggled for years to gain traction in my online business.  I didn’t know how to bring all my talents, skills and divine gifts together into a message or service.  I didn’t understand how to articulate my value.  I couldn’t figure out who my ideal client was or where to find them.  As a result, I spent years in front of the wrong audience, trying to make the “guru” formulas work in my marketing leaving me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because their marketing didn’t work for my audience.

I ended up burned out and depleted.  I did the only thing I could.  I surrendered.  I let go of control.  I let go of doing the "right things" to make my business work.  I allowed joy and ease to be my guiding light.  You see, after years in the corporate environment working 12-14 hour days, I had to find a new rhthym for my life so I could feel productive, balanced and stress-free.

The more I shared from my heart, the more I showed up in my truth, and the more I let go of busy work and instead practiced "allowing and receiving", the more clients I attracted.  I gained massive traction in my business once I started getting comfortable being seen and bringing in my own divine gifts.  I knew then, I had to share this with others.
Are you ready to find your dream clients?  Schedule a call here.

I believe we are here on earth to find joy through our service to others.  I love being a conduit of magic and miracles and a catalyst for joy, fulfillment and prosperity.  My clients get amazing results as they incorporate more of who they’re here to be.  You can check out my client Success Stories here.

Are you ready to infuse your soul signature into your marketing to gain visibility so you can share your message, transform lives and impact the world?  Let's talk!

Awards and Affiliations

International Best-Selling Author

The Wellness Universe Leaderhsip Council & Ambassador for Visibility & Impact



Causes and Organizations

Women's Speaker Association, Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce, Polkadot Powerhouse- Fresno Chapter

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