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Hi, I’m Lisa Meisels your Online Visibility and Impact Catalyst.  I work with women coaches, visionaries, thought-leaders and change-makers who’ve worked successful for others and now feel called to follow a different path, so they can do their purpose work, transform lives, enjoy life with less hustle and make a big impact in the world.
I have spent over 25 years as an innovative leader in my field reaching top positions.  I have successfully streamlined operations, improved company standards and employee retention and motivation.  I excel at empowering others through speaking, group training and team-building.  I’ve trained and mentored students, precepted interns, taught at the college level and changed the trajectory of companies during my tenure.  Something within me shifted about 2009.  I felt compelled to use my talents within a new business model as an entrepreneur, so I could do my part in leading positive change in the world by helping others through my services.
After I left my corporate career, I struggled to gain traction in my online business.  I didn’t know how to bring all my talents, skills and unique gifts together into a message.  I didn’t understand how to articulate my value.  I couldn’t figure out who my ideal client was or where to find them.  As a result, I spent years in the “spin-cycle” trying every new strategy without success.  And because I was in front of the wrong audience, they didn’t want to invest in my services.  I felt like I was invisible online.  But I also knew I couldn’t fail.
I realized that I had to first peel off the sterile, professional persona I had identified with for so long.  Being visible online required me to be seen and I knew I had to find myself again.  I began connecting with people in a real, raw and vulnerable way.  The more I shared from my heart, the more clients I attracted.  I gained massive traction in my business once I discovered I could use my intuition to identify the exact ideal audience for my clients.  It’s funny, I used to get teased about thinking backwards.  Now I utilize this quirk in my unique reverse-engineered process that drills down to the root connection between my client and their collective dream audience.  This process makes it easy to find the solution that my client’s audience is ready to invest in.
I believe we are here on earth to find joy through our service to others.  I love working with my clients and hearing about the amazing results they’ve achieved.  My process to get you visible, attract clients online and create impact in the world so you can profit from your soul-calling is simple, practical and customized.

Together, we are creating a beautiful healing ripple out to each person we serve, lifting vibrations and creating positive change in the world. Are you ready to gain visibility so you can share your message, transform lives and impact the world?

Causes and Organizations

Women's Speaker Association, Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce, Polkadot Powerhouse- Fresno Chapter

Lisa Meisels

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