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Hi! I'm happy you are here. And, while you did come here to "check" me out, I want you to know that I have a business partner and together we are the founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC.

So, allow me to introduce us. I am Lisa Meisels and my business partner is Donna Burgher. We are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality & Business and Frequency Activators helping transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and experts manifest a prosperous and successful business...beyond what they imagine so together we can evolve humanity. We specialize in activating our clients’ prosperity so they can surpass their income plateau, exceeding 6-figures, quantum leaping their freedom and impact.

We Specialize in Activating Your Prosperity

So You Can Quantum Leap Your Income & Impact 


If you’re a transformational leader, entrepreneur, coach or expert and you feel like you’ve got too many plates spinning, we get it. You’re beyond ready to let go of the old paradigm of overworking, feeling like you are never doing enough...and you know something’s off. You want the freedom you craved when you started your business. 


Our clients are ambitious and driven to succeed so their tendency is to push forward to get ahead. This energy is what keeps them stuck in the same energetic looping patterns that prevent them from reaching their desired outcomes with ease. 


The beauty of this work is that our clients don’t have to go into the deep emotional upset of revisiting past patterns and programs in order to move forward. Through our energy work, they are able to integrate and embody their truth and full potential living the new reality they desire to manifest.


We began our partnership to actualize our vision of raising the vibration on the planet through our services. One collaboration turned into a partnership and we knew it was Divinely guided. 


Previous to our partnership, we had both been on a long journey of personal and spiritual growth. We both included these concepts in our own successful businesses. Our decade of previous business experiences both online and offline allowed us to quickly create a solid foundation for our new venture. And thus it began, creating magic and miracles for our clients.


We help our clients manifest success and prosperity from their Divine energy so they can experience more income, freedom and impact. We use Invisible Tools™, spiritual principles and advanced manifesting techniques expanding our client’s consciousness so they can live a reality beyond what they can imagine.


We are International Leaders in Manifesting, Spirituality and doing business The New Way as business partners & Founders of Manifest Magic & Miracles™


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It is our vision to elevate consciousness and infuse the planet with more love and light helping others do the same so together we change the world.

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The Conscious Community Circle Membership:

A new way of networking virtually with a tribe who gets you!

Private Programs (with both me and Donna):

Manifest Business Success- 3 month private

Group Programs:

Manifesting Success Circle (Coming Soon!)

Retreat 2021- TBA

Our clients get amazing results as they activate their highest frequency becoming more magnetic and authentic, allowing the essence of who they're here to be shine through, while creating a positive impact as they manifest their dream business.

Awards and Affiliations

Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author

The Wellness Universe Leaderhsip Council & Ambassador for Visibility & Impact

WU featured Expert for the Wellness Universe, Featured Expert Series



Causes and Organizations

Women's Speaker Association, Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce, Polkadot Powerhouse- Fresno Chapter

Lisa Meisels

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