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Founder of Source Potential, Inc., a human evolution company, Lisa is a successful business entrepreneur, author and intuitive-spiritual leader who offers more than 35 years of experience in professional consulting, keynote speaking and transformational coaching.

With Lisa’s life-long teaching and coaching philosophy of “learning from the inside out,” she has creatively combined her intuitive abilities with heart-conscious methods to establish the Inner Leader Movement; focusing upon individual’s unique spiritual gifts and life mission for moving forward with changes necessary for new earth living.

As an ordained Angel ambassador, Lisa specializes in connecting individuals with their Source-self by conducting multi-dimensional intuitive transmission sessions.

From her passion for heart-focused living, Lisa is a HeartMath® Master Trainer and Licensed Coach teaching individuals and groups stress reduction-resilience techniques for creating coherent, compassionate living environments.

Lisa is a contributing author to inspirational books “365 Days of Angel Prayers, 111 Morning Meditations, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal and Heaven Sent as well as the new release of the Wellness Universe's Volume Three of Complete Self Care; 25 Tools to Achieve Anything."

Awards and Affiliations

Business Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio; 2016 Inductee

Certifications and Credentials

HeartMath Certified Trainer and Licensed Coach; Master Trainer for Global HeartMath Facilitator Certifications

Personality Color Indicator Master Trainer; Ritberger Institute

Ordained Angel Minister; Gateway University

Various certifications in leadership, emotional intelligence, personality assessments and cultural competencies.

Lisa Clayton

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