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Lisa C. Anderson

Intuitive Energy Coach - The Healer's Healer

How you benefit from working with me:

I help you solve your problems by clearing the patterns and blocks that created them!

What does that look like for YOU? 

* Clear blocks to love, money, health, business, etc.

* Deepen your connection with your own Inner Guidance and Intuitive abilities

* Step into your power, let go of playing small and hiding from your own life

* Know the Truth

* Increase your joy and happiness levels

* Release and clear drama, trauma, emotional wounds and old hurts

* Clear heavy energies and blocks

* Go from stressed to blessed

* Be your most confident self

* Change family and relationship dynamics to that of more ease and love

* Create new healthy patterns and habits

* Love yourself more - essential to having a wonderful life you love

* Learn tools to quickly manifest whatever you want

* Feel lighter, brighter and happier

* Get better sleep and feel better in your body

* When blocks are cleared, your body can often heal itself

* Increase money and abundance

* Have more fun in life

I am able to see energy blocks in the body and energy field, intuit when they started, and clear them.

I am able to identify dysfunctional patterns, traumas, negative beliefs, and imprinting from others to release and clear it.

Once cleared, your vibrational frequency changes to a higher level, so you attract more of what you want with more ease.

My goal is to empower you!


I work with everyone who desires more happiness, a better life, that is open to working with energetic tools.

I will teach you skills you can use for yourself.





Lisa C. Anderson

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