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Linnea Randall


People are important to me and not only that but I think people need to know they are valued and unique.  As a busy working mum of 4 my life is rarely dull, but through various experiences my passion to work with people and to help them to make the most of who they are has grown more with every year that has passed.

My 4 children were all born very prematurely.  Parenting for us has had a many difficult periods with prolonged stays in hospital with neonates and then one of our children who was born with a rare birth defect affecting his feeding and breathing.  That same son has grown now to be a tall and healthy teenager but was also diagnosed on the autistic spectrum aged 8 which confirmed suspicions that we had that something else had been going on.  I home educated him for over 2 years at the same time as looking after our twin daughters and elder son.  Now all at school and doing well I have been able to pursue interests of my own.

I am a late convert to the world of health and fitness but am now firmly convinced of its benefits in all aspects of life.  I'm particularly fascinated by nutrition and have qualified as an advisor in general and sports & exercise nutrition and now work alongside a gym.  I love the fact that nutrition is something that everyone can change and control regardless of income, background, gender, qualifications etc.  Our bodies are so complex and intricate and I love the fact that we can help them to operate well by what we fuel them with.  I have started my own business "Fed Up Nutrition" in order to help families and individuals to make the most of their lives and help their bodies to function at their best.

Awards and Affiliations

Gateway Workshops - Diploma in Nutrition

The Health Sciences Academy - Advanced Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition

Causes and Organizations

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Linnea Randall

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