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I am a Personal Life Coach, specializing in Emotional and Mindful Eating, helping people to develop healthy eating habits and eliminate emotional eating and food addiction.


As a Motivational Speaker my goal is to encourage imagination and offer information to assess possibilities and available choices to help you create a most healthy you and a life of design rather than default.  You can live the life you dared to dream of, but you may need help.  Until you get that help, diets will not work, budgeting will not work and your personal relationships will be as empty as your stomach. 

If you are allowing fear to hold you back from possibility, you probably have a story to support it.  You can keep blaming other people or circumstances - or you can write a new story.  

I will help you change your story.  You will change your life.  

I am not saying this will be easy.  You will have to risk and dig deep to reveal your brave soul.   All your pain and failures can help you grow into the person you were born to be.  Not someone else’s version of who you are, but your idea and desire of who you are. 


Linda McKenney

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