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Kimberly Flatland

Love Your SoulSelf---Embrace Your True Spirit

I am an author, speaker, mindset momma on a mission to create a movement.  A movement to Love Your SoulSelf.

My passion is working with women to connect and embrace their true spirit while gaining trust and confidence in themselves.

Having worked in the traditional healthcare industry for over 20 years as a Respiratory Therapist and additionally mastered many different holistic healing modalities, breathing life into your dreams and desired passions is my souls works.

I guide you to create a foundation for your life and/or business while establishing spiritual practices for a daily alignment, self-care and personal transformation.

It's time for you to answer that inner soul calling of what you are here to do. Whether that is being a momma to 5, to lead an organization or to create your own movement in the world, I'm here to guide you, to support you, to love you through the process.
What's stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Let me help you launch!

Kimberly Flatland

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