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Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor(TM), is a transformational shaman specializing in helping intuitive people step into their power, claim their purpose, and live happy and fulfilled lives.  She works with individuals and business owners to uncover and remove hidden blocks, resistances, and beliefs that keep them from their happiness and success.

Kelle uses her skills as a shaman, coach, energy healer, psychic, medium, channel, and empath to accelerate her clients’ progress.

She has been a speaker at Zest Fest, The Belly and Womb Conference, The Women Spiritual Leaders Summit, The Red Ladder Summit, E-Women Network, and more.  She has been featured on many podcasts including:  Sense of Soul, Our Daily Magic, January Jones, Psychic Cup of Coffee,  The Miracle of Healing, The Natural Healing Show, The Paranormal Podcast, Spiritual Rockstar and more.  She has been interviewed on Thrive Global and Authority Magazine as well as The Boston Globe.  She has been a writer for The Elephant Journal, OMTimes, and Medium.

Kelle is also the co-host of the wildly popular (over 135K downloads and counting) podcast, Spirit Sherpa where she covers all things energy, magick, and the spirit world as well as personal growth tips to help intuitives release anxiety and increase wellbeing.  Spirit Sherpa was listed in Feedspots’ Top 25 Metaphysical Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021.

Kelle is the founder of The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School – a school that teaches self-transformation, magic, and how to become a transformational shaman.

Kelle and her team run two types of personal and corporate retreats: Transformational Intensive and Accelerator Intensive retreats.

Transformational Intensives
We create environments that allow people to make life-changing decisions about who they are, who they want to become, and what they want out of life. In sacred, ritual space we tap the elements of mind, body, spirit, energy, archetype, and morphic field to create waking dream journeys that bring participants into a new state of being. In walking through these shadow-work journeys, people experience deep, root-level healing that lasts a lifetime.

These are transformational events – meaning that you’ll walk in seeing yourself one way and walk out seeing yourself differently. They will change your world view and/or your view of yourself. We use ancient shamanic techniques combined with cutting edge psychological tools to create an immersive environment that allows you to deal with your issues on a deep, significant level which is what facilitates change.

Accelerator Intensives
Accelerator Intensives are small groups going through highly personalized experiences working on individual issues rather than on a common intent as we do in the Transformational Intensives.

In a Accelerator Intensive, typically 5-8 people will attend, with each getting time set aside to have personalized work completed with them in a group setting. The others in the group will be present/involved and may be asked to participate in the process for the individual being focused on at that time.

We may employ coaching, energy work, experiential process, and other shamanic and /or psychological techniques as part of the work. It is an organic environment where the work is not pre-planned. Each person brings to the table what they are working on and gets whatever support they need in getting through the process. It is effectively like several people sharing two Private Days except that you get two shamans for your process rather than just one.

We affectionately refer to these events as “Two Shamans, No Hiding” because people usually attend these events when they are stuck in some fashion. The individualized approach and group energy allows them to break through whatever has been holding them back. When there are two shamans in the room, it’s hard to run away from the issues. This is the beauty of this environment.

Private Retreats

The Spirit Doctor(TM), Kelle Sparta, and her partner, Alchemist Colm Holland, run bespoke solo weekend retreats for individuals who are in the public eye (celebrities, musicians, CEOs, sport stars, politicians, etc.) to help them do their personal growth work in the utmost privacy.  They specialize in helping people who are new to the spotlight to shift their identity to come into alignment with their new lives.

Certifications and Credentials
  • Transformational Shaman
  • Psychic, Medium, Channel, Empath, and Energy Healer
  • Co-host of Spirit Sherpa Podcast
  • Reiki Master Teacher (1999)

Kelle Sparta

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