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Kate 'Sunny' Montgomery

Health ~ Is At Your Finger Tips!

Author, Coach, Naturopathy, Touch For Health Kinesiology and Inventor

In 1971, I entered a western health care field and studied respiratory therapy.  I moved on into complementary medicine in 1984. I felt another way to approach health was by interacting through touch and listening. I graduated as a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist and later studied sports massage. Along with members of my class, the San Diego Sports Massage Team was formed and a journey began to educate the community on the benefits of healing touch and sports massage. For ten years I participated as part of the San Diego Sports Massage Team and it was one of the finest periods of my life.

I went on to write books on self-care. Sports Touch – The Athletic Ritual that features Olympic Athletes,  triathletes, runners and athletes in multiple sports,  clients who used the techniques while preparing and participating in their events. I coached them in specific techniques to increase their performance, energy and to accelerate their recovery. Next, a self-care book; Carpal Tunnel SyndromePrevention & Treatment; Then in 1998, End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery, now an updated 2012 version features RSI Solutions for Children, a program with therapies that address upper body musculoskeletal injuries. Used consistently, muscle pain and nerve compression can be alleviated and normal function returned almost immediately. ??Other products manufactured and books I have written are Pain Free Back and the Rock Climbers Hand Book. I manufacture the  REV CORE PRO™ incline balance disc designed by Billy Hartz and the All Natural Herbal Healing Balm.  After 26 years, the new 2015 edition  of SPORTS TOUCH, the athletes secret weapon for performance, energy and recovery will be published by Ultimate Athlete Concepts.

My goal is to help educate the individual about alternative therapies as a noninvasive approach to be explored as an option and, or along with western medicine, to obtain a faster, longer lasting recovery toward health and well-being. ??When these therapies are used correctly–such as Massage Therapy, Craniosacral, Chiropractic (with Applied Kinesiology), Osteopathy and Acupuncture–body therapies, and Energy Medicine techniques (Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Three-In-One Concepts and others), they can help restore the body to a normal, pain-free state in less time, cost effectively, and with less downtime at…

Kate 'Sunny' Montgomery

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