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    Namaste WU family! I'm a tantra healer and teacher and it is my honor and my dharma to help people explore the connection between sexuality and spirituality...whether someone is currently sexual or celibate. Did you know that the Dalai Lama is actually a celibate tantrika? Sexuality has been given a bad rap on this planet for thousands of years, causing much unnecessary shame and guilt, and many distortions and perversions of our most primal life force energy. The awareness of this 'sexual misery programming' is currently hitting the airwaves in a big way in the #Metoo and 'Times Up' movements. So the subject of sexuality and sexual healing is really relevant for almost anyone with a body, who wants to explore this aspect of themselves in a context of compassion, safety and love. For the past 20 + years I have worked with men, women and couples ... helping them move in the direction of a more sacred relationship with intimacy and sexuality. Again, whether they are choosing to be sexual or celibate. I coach, counsel and do hands-on healing. The coaching and counseling can be done remotely. The hands-on sessions are, of course, in person. And if someone would like to do an immersion series, consider a retreat in the desert southwest. Scottsdale, Az. has the best winter weather of almost any other place in the continental U.S.! Some of the ways I help are as follows.... and this is just a smidge.. My work is not limited to this at all. For Men * Energy Mastery * Energy mastery for men is a foundational teaching in tantra. This helps a man overcome issues with P.E. & E.D. and enables him to become the best partner he can be, because he is finally freed from concerns about his own 'performance'. * Pre- and post prostate surgery support and healing. * Learn how to deepen in emotional and physical intimacy, and so on. *** For Women * Opening up * Discovering or Rediscovering Your Sensual Self Many women have shut their sexuality and sensuality down for a variety of (often very good) reasons. I hold a safe space for this to bubble up to the surface of a woman's awareness, unravel, release the blocked energy and emotions, and help to clear them. I have no personal agenda or bias as to how a woman chooses to move forward in sexual intimacy, or not. I simply hold space for her to become clear about what her current needs are, what her desires are for the future, and support the discovery of ways to fulfill them that are compatible with who she is and who she wants to be going forward. *** For Couples * Creating A Culture of Conscious Intimacy Our culture offers no maps and no blueprint for creating Conscious Intimacy, however it is just this journey that can take our relationships and our lives to the highest peaks possible in relationship. This is not exclusively for heterosexual relationships, as any relationship between people who aspire to love more deeply and consciously can be a blessing to themselves, and to the world. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if this is your next best step on a path to HLW, High Level Wellness and Conscious Intimacy. Shanti, Jivana RoseQuote
    Jivana Kennedy posted an update

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