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When One plus One Equals Three

April 26, 2017

Collaboration, the interaction of two or more people resulting in something greater than what would be achieved through solitary actions. Synergy. One plus one equals three. While we usually think of collaboration in terms of two or more people working together to achieve a common objective, collaboration is really any two or more components working…

Is Who I Believe my Self to be the Truth of Who I Am?

March 26, 2017

I love and greatly appreciate the feedback and questions I receive on the quotes I share. Some of the questions are thought provoking while some comments are as simple as,” huh?” I share the quotes (mostly from The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression) to stimulate thought and curiosity so we can better understand…

Victim or Beneficiary. Friendly or Hostile. How do you choose?

January 29, 2017

Do you believe yourself to be a victim of life or a beneficiary of life? Do you believe the world to be a friendly place or a hostile place? Whichever choice you make or have made will be how life is presented to you. As a victim of life, a person believes that life or…

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