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Jill Grumbache

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I founded Holistic Journaling in 2012 to help champion & share the enlightening & healing properties of journaling. Journaling has so many empirically proven benefits for us – mind, body, and spirit that I believe it deserves to be on par with yoga and meditation. It’s not yet fully recognized as being in that league, but it definitely should be. What an awesome triumvirate to help us navigate life, achieve and maintain wellness, and live consciously!

Reams of data prove the abundance of journaling’s natural healing properties for our mental, emotional, & physical health. This is why I named my practice Holistic Journaling. I want this endeavour to be part of the existing journaling movement that is working hard to bring journaling to the place it deserves in people’s consciousness & everyday life.

Ultimately, I believe journaling teaches people to be more compassionate toward themselves, which means they will be more compassionate toward others. Therefore, I think journaling plays an important role in making our world a better, kinder place.

I’m a long-life journaler & award-winning writer. Before founding HJI, I had focused my career on Communications in its many forms in the entertainment industry, the corporate world, and in non-profit organizations.

When ready to make the leap to living my true passion, I enrolled in the Center for Journal Therapy in Denver, attaining certification as a Journaling Facilitator (CJF). At CJT. I was and am mentored by its founder, pioneer, author, & primary journal therapy theorist Kathleen Adams, LPC.

First trained & certified to teach Kay’s Journal to the Self & Leia Francisco’s Journaling Through Transitions, I’ve gone on to develop several original courses exclusive to Holistic Journaling Ink. These include the much loved and lauded Hallelujah! Letting Go! and the journaling masterclass, Radical Self Knowledge. During the pandemic, I started Understandink, a twice-weekly live online speaker series that’s a very and unique journaling circle.

I facilitate each of HJI’s group courses, workshops, and private classes. I also do guest speaking.

Jill is also an artist, writer, editor, and student of Buddhism. She has two grown & glorious daughters, one awesome son-in-law, and one astounding granddaughter. She holds both Canadian and American citizenship and resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Awards and Affiliations
  • Member of the Wellness Universe
  • Member of the International Association of Journal Writing
  • Member of the Center for Journal Therapy
Certifications and Credentials
  • Certified Journaling Facilitator (CJF)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach

Jill Grumbache

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