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Jeannie Hall

I help creatives rediscover their creativity!

Let’s get you empowered! Creative Empowerment Coach

I help writers and other creatives bust through their blocks by utilizing an understanding of the Law of Attraction, Abraham's teachings, affirmations, visualizations, and guided meditations. I believe in empowering my clients as a facilitator, so they can take pride in their own ability to succeed. I am a certified practitioner in NLP and in EFT/TFT tapping.

I'm also the author of six books, four of which are nonfiction self-help books discussing spirituality, spiritual principles, and the Law of Attraction. As a hybrid writer of both fiction and nonfiction as well as being both traditionally and self-published, I feel uniquely qualified to help my clients on both an emotional and practical level.

I host a bi-weekly podcast called Create Your Empowered Self, which shares tools and insights into writing, writer's block, spirituality, and personal development.

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St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Jeannie Hall

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