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About Hema

Hema Vyas BSc (Hons) is one of London’s top psychologists, hypnotherapists and spiritual mentors. A renowned voice on spirituality, heart energy, meditation and kundalini yoga, Hema has over 25 years of experience guiding individuals, groups and organisations. She has worked with clients ranging from creatives to CEOs helping them connect to their own personal truth and build towards a life of joy, love, mindfulness, and prosperity.

Described as a 'seer' in a modern context, Hema is able to get to the essence of challenges and provide a new understanding, or put simply, a way through. She is naturally intuitive and has in-depth spiritual knowledge that is grounded in her own experience. She applies her teachings in the context of the world of today.

Hema is also an expert and engaging speaker. More recently she has spoken at The Hague, as well as The Women’s Economic Forum, The Acupuncture Society and The Best You Expo events.

Hema has extensive academic study merging the best of Western and Eastern disciplines and is a certified teacher of meditation, kundalini yoga and ayurveda. She is also a Chopra Centre certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor and a practitioner of “The Reconnection / Reconnective healing”. She works with specially-selected tools such as those mentioned above, alongside psychology, hypnotherapy and mentoring.

Hema has created and led international group retreat programmes for over 10 years. Her retreats are holistic with focus on mind, body and spirit. What is so special about retreats with Hema is her ability to apply her amplified spiritual awareness and knowledge to groups and individuals in such a way that it sheds light on even the most deeply held patterns, stories and beliefs. She then guides a programme designed to release and let go of what no longer serves through daily massage, meditation, kundalini yoga and nutrition.

Many attendees have reached a high level of self-awareness and are consciously creating success, love and fulfilment -  yet they return time and time again to the fertile space of the retreat where what what could be months or even lifetimes of deeper unseen blocks can be resolved and released in a sacred space.

Upcoming retreats and workshops

Alchemy of the Heart Meditation Course

Sunday September 29th 2019

The Light Centre, Belgravia, London

Ayurvedic Alchemy Of The Heart (signature retreat)

Jan 11th for 9 or 12 nights 2020

Visit for more info or to book - spaces are limited 

Hema Vyas

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