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Goddess Nadine
Genius - Rebel - Metaphysicist - Synergist - Experience Junkie

Nadine's genius lies in synergistically combining metaphysics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and cultural history, and extracting the key underlying principles of self-mastery. She deftly guides her clientele to; eliminate their unwanted stressors, streamline their creativity, and systematically focus on exactly what they want, while filling in any missing skill sets to their repertoire, and from there they are easily able to cultivate their authentic magic and escape the mundane repression of the mainstream,  cookie-cutter world, so they can realize their full potential and truly be free to live out their wildest dreams in reality!

Rising from her humble beginnings in a  conservative religious household, Nadine has been a lifelong and adventurous entrepreneur with 9 businesses in multiple industries to date, developed her own coaching modality, created an innovative curative approach to mental health, has published 8 transformative books, and her feedback from clients is unsurpassed. In 2021 she was reviewed and ranked as the #1 A+ rated life coach in Scottsdale Arizona by She has been featured on ABC, FOX, and numerous podcasts and magazines.  Nadine’s channels have 1M+ views, and she’s been featured as a #1 best seller on Amazon.

What sets Nadine apart from other gurus and experts is not only the breadth and depth of her gathered wisdom, but also her ability to communicate even the most abstract concepts in simple, everyday language and provide practical easy applications of her esoteric knowledge, for the joyous enhancement of every part of life. She guides her clients step-by-step to curate their mind, body and spirit, and create a “lifestyle by design.” 

Fascinated by human potential, magic and science, Nadine’s life journey has played at the nexus of mysticism and technology. "Reality is eminently mutable", she explains. "We are creating and co-creating the reality we inhabit regularly. The question is, do you want to continue to do that randomly and unconsciously, or do you want to learn how to take control, and consciously create the things that you truly desire to experience?"

Nadine loves working with eccentric and creative individuals who are committed to maximizing their full potential and passionate about transforming the world into a better place for all of us. Her clients are a mix of high performing executives and successful entrepreneurs who, like her previous self, feel they haven’t reached their true potential, and creatives and artists who have unresolved traumas, often suffer from addictions, and carry the burden of fame. She helps them connect, heal themselves, and reach for the stars with a rejuvenated outlook on life.

Nadine's experimental approach to her own life has produced energetic health and vibrancy, abiding unconditional love, an absolutely amazing relationship with her perfect partner, many and varied lifelong friendships, 'miracles' being a normalized occurrence, an abundance of creativity and motivation, a beautiful home environment, unlimited success in business, and plenty of time to enjoy it all. She is devoted to helping others embody and activate their own inner God/Dess so they can be awesome and create the dream love, happiness, and lifestyle, they truly desire!

Awards and Affiliations

Ranked #1 A+ Life Coach by, Nadine has been featured on ABC, FOX, and many podcasts and magazine interviews.  Nadine’s YouTube channels have received over 1 million views, and she’s been featured as a #1 best seller on Amazon.

Causes and Organizations

Nadine's ultimate life mission is to increase the net amount of personal freedom, for everyone on the planet. Her concept of how to achieve this mission is spelled out at

Goddess Nadine

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