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I am a trainer, speaker, coach and change champion.

I specialise in helping you grow into your conscious optimal self through coaching and energy psychology.  I believe every person is born to flourish, however on our experiential journey we pick up stories and self-limiting beliefs which can hold us back from bringing our whole selves to the world.  I help you see these blocks with clarity to enable you to be fully present and live a meaning led life.

I blend the latest science of positive psychology and well-being with powerful coaching tools to help you find your authentic self, enabling you to flourish and share your gifts with the world.

Coaching is not always easy. Having the mirror held up to you can be challenging, but until we see our true selves reflected back, it’s difficult for us to fully grow and develop. We all have the powerful answers and insights we need to be our best within us, sometimes you just need someone to help you find them and see them. That’s where coaching comes in. I hold space for you to explore, reflect and dig deep, helping you to find your authentic self and supporting you to create practical actions to get you where you want to be.

I also use a combination of psychological acupuncture (also known as, emotional freedom technique or tapping) and gamut point tapping to release any emotional, mental and energy blocks.

I offer coaching and energy psychology separately or can combine the two elements to help you to flourish and thrive.

A coaching or energy psychology (or combination) session typically lasts for around an hour and half and most people have between 1 and 6 sessions spaced accordingly.

I see a wide range of clients who work on things like, personal well-being, self-limiting beliefs, creating new habits and releasing ones that no longer serve, career progression, defining purpose and designing goals

Emma Coller

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